Mimi's Skin Care - Company Message
  1. Welcome to Mimi's Skin Care we invite you to try our services to help your body unwind and treat your skin effectively.Our sevices includees.....Facial SERVICES:
  • Lunch Time Face Lift: a popular treatment for agin skin, uses low level electrical current to trigger the body's natural skin enhacement chemicals at a cellular level.
  1.           improve muscle tone in the face and neck.
  2.           lift jowels and eyebrows.
  3.           improve facial circulation
  4.           aid in lymphatic drainge
       30 min. $60 per treatment (6 treatment recomanded)
  • Aromatherapy Facial:  A relaxing facial , for all skin types. Pure organic essential oils of Lavender, Rose,Eucalyptus are used to create a tanquil feeling that leaves your skin glowing ,and your mind and body. Approximately 50 min. $85

  • Glycolic Facial Exfolliation: This peel improves skin tone and texture, lightens pigmintation , stimulates collagen production, treats grade 1 and grade 2 acne and removes superficial keraroses. 70 min   $110

  • Vitamin C Peel :This a powerful skin treatment removes lifeless skin cells while building collagen and elastin . Tone , texture and elasticity are dramaticlly improved in just one treatment . Your complexion will glow while looking more youthful and radiant.
         60 min   $110

  • Therapeutic Acne facial : A great treatment for those suffering from acne breakouts and skin that is prone to blackheads, blemishes and acne _scaring . This acne control treatment improves and refines unbalanced skin complexion , prevents and control future break_out       60  min    $75 .

  • Lip/ Eyes treatment: to address the many concerns of these delicate areas: fine line , puffiness, dark circles, and slack skin $15

  • Wax for face and  body 
  • lash/ brow tinting 
  • false lashes  ( not extention)
  • Lash Extention